Required Training for U.S. Government Personnel,
Department of Defense Personnel, and Government Contractors

In Accordance With National Security Program Manual (NISPOM) Requirements
For All Executive Branch Departments, Agencies, and all Cleared Contractor Facilities

Built With Your Needs in Mind

"Our Personnel and Cyber Security Experts each have over 20 years of experience
to bring you the latest in both Cyber Security Training and Compliance"

"We partnered with 7Core to create these courses because like you, we must meet NISPOM training requirements. Maintaining training material and tracking compliance is a lot of work. With 7Core, we have been able to streamline our compliance and reporting requirements while enhancing our security posture at the same time."

State-of-the-Art Training Experience

Annual Security Training

All personnel granted their first U.S. Government security clearance must receive Annual Security Training before access to classified information is granted

Insider Threat Training

Annual Insider Threat Training is required of all U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and Government Contractor personnel​

Courses Authored by Experts

"We use the same 7Core platform and courses to manage our compliance..."

RingØ Technologies (“Ring Zero”) is a Veteran Owned Small Business delivering cutting edge and high impact Computer Security and Training Solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Law Enforcement, and Department of Homeland Security.

RingØ personnel have been working in the IC and DoD and Community for over 20 years.  RingØ brings a deep understanding of hardware and software technology application and manipulation from both offensive and defensive perspectives.

RingØ has teamed with 7Core, Inc. to translate this knowledge and expertise into easy to understand training modules to satisfy both ours and your NISPOM Training and Compliance Tracking and Reporting needs.

You Have Complete Control

of Users, Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Intuitive User Experience

Time Saving Compliance Features

Reduced Administrative Burden

Our systems give you  intuitive  tools to help you ensure that your organization is in compliance.  This means less overhead for you and more control for the organizations you support

Let's Get Started

Our courses are available to Cleared U.S. Government Organizations and Contractors

To verify your eligibility, RingØ Technologies will work with you answer any questions and to verify your CAGE Code.  Once verified, we can set-up your account.  You can be adding learners and completing courses within a few days

If you would like us to help your organization meet it’s NISPOM Training, Compliance Tracking, and Reporting needs. Please fill out this form and one of our team members will get in touch with you right away